Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Monday, 8 April 2013


Be Careful what you wish for by Gemma Grisp.
Just a few of my favourite instagramer's; @timcoulson @thesundaycollector @petamazey

I love all of  Macklemore's songs and my current  favourite  is "Can't Hold Us".  

I have been reading a lot of The Beauty Department lately. I find that their DIY posts are always interesting and easy to do.

House Husbands to start tonight.

I'm not really saving for anything at the moment. Although an Imac or Canon 5D mk 111 would be excellent.

Going away for a couple of days with my family in the next few weeks. I am Beyond excited to see all my family.
I do not watch a  lot of TV or movies. I watch Packed to the Rafters last year but have not gotten into it this year. On the bright side, Househusbands starts again tonight.  

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Easter was last weekend, I know! I've been really busy this week, too busy to write this post!

Our Easter was..

Good Friday was every kind of good because we went to the Royal Easter Show. It was crazy fun.

On Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny was really nice and visited us. We went to Bundeena with our family friends later in the day. We went Kayaking, I took some familie photos and we had a Easter egg hunt. The kids were all excited that the Easter Bunny came.

Our Easter weekend was the perfect weekend.

How was your Easter?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Photography terms every beginner should know.

Apeture - Apeture is the lens opening. The more open the apeture is, the more light that comes in. This also effects your shutter speed. The smaller the apeture, the less light and faster shutter speed, and the more open the apeture, the more light that comes in and a slower shutter speed.

Bokeh - When the background is blurred in a photo and the subject is very focused, the background might appear as small circles.

Camera Angles - Different angles the camera can take photos of a subject. The photographer could take photos from the left, right, birds eye view, front facing, below - there are many different angles you can photograph with.

Close up - A Photo taken very up close to a subject, and you can get very close with a macro lens. Close ups can often be taken of insects, flowers ect.
Composition - The appealing way a photo has been arranged. If you were photographing pictures for a photography book, you could compose it with the main subject -the food, foreground - a placemat, background - the kitchen, and supporting objects - cutlery.
Contrast - The difference in the light to dark areas of a photo. It is the brightness range of a subject or the scene lighting.
Depth of Field - When the camera focuses on a subject close to the camera, and the background, or things in the distance become very blurry.
Graininess - When a photo is blurry in some parts, it may appear grainy or sandy.
Lens - One or more pieces of glass put together designed to catch rays to create images on film.
Macro Lens - A lens designed to capture very close up images of smaller subjects, such as insects or flowers etc.
Over Exposure - When a photo is over exposed, the camera has let too much light in and therefore is way too bright.
Shutter - The blades in a camera that open and close to take the photo. The whole time the shutter is open it is taking a photo. The longer the shutter is open the more light that comes in, and makes the image brighter.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Veggie Patch.

The past week we have spent a lot of time in the garden watering grass, plants and growing things. We have decided we are going to
build a veggie patch but have not yet decided what veggies to grow.
What vegiesare you growing?